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Maryland Legal Research Primer

Maryland Legal Research

Maryland legal research consists of cases, regulations, statutes, and their legislative history.

Begin Research with a Secondary Source

It is best to begin legal research with a secondary source such as a treatise, practice guide, law encyclopedia, or another source. You can find various different secondary sources relevant to your clinic throughout this guide.

Maryland Law Encyclopedia

The Maryland Law Encyclopedia is the best source for finding summaries of legal topics, it also provides citations to cases and the Maryland Code. The Maryland Law Encyclopedia is available in print on the first floor of the library with the Maryland materials. It is also available on the WestlawEdge platform. The encyclopedia is arranged alphabetically by topic, or use the index to find a specific topic. 

Other Maryland Specific Secondary Sources

There are other treatises and practice guides that cover Maryland law. These can be found through research portals, searching the library catalog or specific resources associated with your clinic.

Maryland Research Portals