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Exam Resources: Study Aids

This is a short guide to Print & Online Study Materials held by the Pence Law Library

Using Study Aids

Study aids are available for most subjects. There is no doubt that you will seek a study aid to bolster your notes and outline from classes. Pence Law Library has a number of different study aid options that you might want to take advantage of. They range from print to online holdings and tutorials. This guide presents a number of study aid options for WCL students by subject. 


Types of Study Aids

Study aids help law students in their particular courses and can be invaluable for understanding and analyzing the law and law school course subjects. They can help with providing a broad overview of a topic or review of legal concepts and may contain questions or other materials to assist with law school exam preparation. The library provides many study aids and resources free of charge.  

Commercial Case Briefs These materials are generally used as a tool to supplement cases you are reading for class. Case briefs usually are case summaries that provide a synopsis of the facts, law and analysis and are usually keyed to a particular casebook. 

Casenote Legal Briefs (A)

High Court Case Summaries (WA)

Legalines (WA)

Commercial Outlines Commercial Outlines contain black letter law ad legal rules. Some may contain practice questions

Black Letter series (WA)

Gilbert Law Summaries (WA)

Hornbooks & Treatises These materials are generally more detailed than outlines or case briefs, explain legal concepts and give a synopsis of the law of a particular subject. 

Concepts and Insights (WA)

Concise Hornbooks (WA)

Hornbooks (WA)

Nutshells (WA)

Problem-based Study Aids These items are generally subject specific. They contain multiple choice or essay questions with explanations. Some are hypothetical based. 

Acing Series (WA)

Black Letter Outlines (WA) 

Emmanuel’s Crunchtime (A)

Examples and Explanations (A)

Exam Pro Series (WA)

Glannon Guides (A)

Study Aids Tutorial