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Clinical Classroom: Critical Legal Research Toolkit: Introduction

What Is Critical Legal Research?

This comprehensive resource toolkit provides practical pedagogical guidance to incorporate critical legal research (CLR) and critical information literacy (CIL) into the classroom. Critical approaches are important because they reveal how the dominant legal research and legal information paradigms inhibit social justice lawyering. In helping to transcend such built-in biases that favor the status quo, critical research approaches also explore alternative information resources, re-envisioned search methods and analysis modes, and emancipatory sites of research collaborations.

Content coverage in this guide includes:

  • sample classroom exercises
  • videos
  • pedagogical literature
  • organizations and contact information

Watch Critical Legal Research: Teaching Social Justice-Oriented Research in Clinic (from Clinical Legal Education Association):


Solidarity Recommended Practices

Using these resources requires proper attribution of original authors for exercises, articles, etc. Attribution should be noted on your slides, syllabus, or course website.

We encourage collaboration with experts. To promote solidarity best practices, we encourage using the following samples to ensure the labor of others is properly credited: