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We've upgraded our search to make it easier for you to discover and request library resources. Primo provides simple, one-stop searching for books, journals, articles, digital media, course reserves, and more.

Need more Guidance?

Check out Primo's own search tips here!


Truncation and wildcards are used to search for any spelling of a word.

Truncation: use an asterisk (*) to replace part of a word:

librar* = library, libraries, librarian

*plane = airplane, aeroplane, warplane

Wildcards: use a question mark (?) to substitute one letter within a word:

analy?e = analyse, analyze

wom?n = woman, women


Use the field options in LEAGLE Advanced Search to streamline your results.

Fiction items only:

Select the Subject field and search fiction.

Refine by author:

Use the Author field to search for items by a particular author. 


If your keywords aren't yielding suitable results, consider different synonyms.


tween, adolescent, youth, juvenile


advantage, influence, support, asset


Boolean operators can broaden or narrow your results. 

Use AND to retrieve results that contain both search terms:

police AND federal

Use OR to retrieve results that contain any or all of your search terms:

politics OR government

Using NOT to exclude irrelevant results:

canine NOT dental


Quotation marks can be used to retrieve more specific results.

Consider searching for a specific phrase:

"global warming"
"state power"
"social media"

Consider searching for a specific spelling of a word:

"colour" instead of "color"
"artefact" instead of "artifact"
"programme" instead of "program"


Parentheses combine keywords and control the order of boolean operators.

Create more complex and focussed search queries:

(tertiary AND university) AND education

(heart OR lung) AND bypass

(Facebook NOT Twitter) AND social media

Searching for a Phrase

To search for an exact phrase, type quotation marks around the phrase. You can combine both words and phrases in your search.