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Bar Exam Information & Study Aids: MPT

Resources to help you study for the bar exam, including links to study guides, sample exams, and practical information on applying to take the exam.  

Information about the MPT

The Multistate Performance Test (MPT) tests applicants’ ability to use fundamental lawyering skills in a realistic situation. The MPT consists of two 90-minute skills questions covering legal analysis, fact analysis, problem solving, resolution of ethical dilemmas, organization and management of a lawyering task, and communication.

Subjects tested on the MPT

  1. Problem solving: The applicant should demonstrate the ability to develop and evaluate strategies for solving a problem or accomplishing an objective. Problem solving includes the ability to:
    1. Identify and diagnose the problem
    2. Generate alternative solutions and strategies
    3. Develop a plan of action
    4. Implement a plan of action
    5. Keep the planning process open to new information and new ideas
  2. Legal analysis and reasoning: The applicant should demonstrate the ability to analyze and apply legal rules and principles. Legal analysis and reasoning includes the ability to:
    1. Identify and formulate legal issues
    2. Identify relevant legal rules within a given set of legal materials
    3. Formulate relevant legal theories
    4. Elaborate on legal theories
    5. Evaluate legal theories
    6. Criticize and synthesize legal arguments
  3. Factual analysis: The applicant should demonstrate the ability to analyze and use facts and to plan and direct factual investigation. Factual analysis includes the ability to:
    1. Identify relevant facts within a given set of factual materials
    2. Determine the need for factual investigation
    3. Plan a factual investigation
    4. Memorialize and organize information in an accessible form
    5. Decide whether to conclude the process of fact gathering
    6. Evaluate the information that has been gathered
  4. Communication: The applicant should demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in writing. Communication includes the ability to:
    1. Assess the perspective of the recipient of the communication
    2. Organize and express ideas with precision, clarity, logic, and economy
  5. Organization and management of a legal task: The applicant should demonstrate the ability to organize and manage a legal task. Organization and management includes the ability to:
    1. Allocate time, effort, and resources efficiently
    2. Perform and complete tasks within time constraints
  6. Recognizing and resolving ethical dilemmas: The applicant should demonstrate the ability to represent a client consistently with applicable ethical standards. Ethical representation includes:
    1. Knowledge of the nature and sources of ethical standards
    2. Knowledge of the means by which ethical standards are enforced
    3. Ability to recognize and resolve ethical dilemmas

MPT Study Aids

MPTs and Point Sheets from Recent Administrations

NCBE publishes study aids for the MPT that include the MPTs given in February or July of specific years and include corresponding Point Sheets. Point Sheets describe the factual and legal points encompassed within the lawyering tasks to be completed in each test and outline the possible issues and points that might be addressed by an examinee. Recent MPTs and Point Sheets are available for purchase at the NCBE Study Aids Store. Summaries of these MPTs, which include brief descriptions of the MPT task, context, and contents of each MPT's File and Library are available below.

MPTs and Point Sheets from Older Administrations

MPTs and Point Sheets from older administrations are available by accessing the following files.

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February 2014
July 2013
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The Multistate Performance Test (MPT)