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Finding Resources@ Pence: Finding Books

Broadly presented here, the Library of Congress Classification Scheme will easily guide you in your search of information. Your understanding of the subject hierarchy of this scheme will efficiently navigate you through the seemingly complex maze of Libra

Pence Law Library Catalog

LEAGLE Catalog

Encore Catalog

Or use ENCORE,, to search across a variety of library resources, including books and articles. You can search for a book or article title, an author, or search by keyword.

Search for a specific book by title or author, or search for materials on a topic by keyword or subject. If the library has it, find it on the shelf or ask a librarian

Sample keyword searches: administrative and judicial review; regulat* and financial.

Sample subject searches: administrative law united states; administrative procedure united states

Browse a subject-based call number range in the online catalog

Search the WCL Library catalog by call number prefix (e.g., kf 5401) and browse forward to view WCL Library materials in that call number range. This is a good way to see everything the library has on a given topic. See “Guide to Law-Related Call Numbers

If the book is not available electronically or at WCL, request it via interlibrary loan.

If the book you need is not available through WCL, request it via Interlibrary Loan. WCL students have access to a wide range of books and journals not available in AU libraries and databases through WorldCat. The link to WorldCat can be found on the Library’s “Databases & Websites, A-Z,” “Databases & Websites by Topic,” and “Research Tools” pages. Locate the book or journal by doing a title search, and then request it through interlibrary loan. You alternatively can email your request to

Browse Library shelves

Browse a call number range in the library stacks (reserve and second floor) to find materials on a particular topic. This is also a good way to see the whole collection on the topic. See “Guide to Law-Related Call Numbers” for subject-specific ranges