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Finding Resources@ Pence: How to Browse the Library's Print Materials by Subject

Broadly presented here, the Library of Congress Classification Scheme will easily guide you in your search of information. Your understanding of the subject hierarchy of this scheme will efficiently navigate you through the seemingly complex maze of Libra

Browsing the Library's Print Materials by Subject

Want to see what the Library has on the subject of the Law of Ireland?

  • First find the notation for your subject in the LC Classification outline by scrolling down through the guide
  • Within the class K (LAW) click on the subclass "United Kingdom and Ireland". The notation for the "Law of Ireland" is KDK
  • Now go to LEAGLE or Encore (Library Online Catalog), and search the "Call number" index. Type the alphabetical part of your notation (KDK) in the search box, and then click on the "search" button
  • A list of the print materials the library has on the subject of the "Law of Ireland" will be displayed

How about browsing through the Library’s collection of Space Law materials?

Scroll through the guide. The notation for the subject of “space law” is KZD

Type it in the “Call number” search box and browse

What does the Library have on Chilean law?

  • Find the notation for Chile in the guide: it is KHF
  • Fill it in the “Call number” search box in LEAGLE to retrieve the entries

Adding digits to the alphabetical part of the notation would make your search more precise as any number signifies a certain subject within the broad division of topics represented by the alphabetical part of the call numbers. If you know the numerical part of your call number, include it in your search. Do not include ranges of numbers as the system will not understand your request. Keep in mind that this type of search will retrieve materials only in print format. To find materials on the subject of your interest in electronic or microform, or any other questions, ask for help at the Reference Desk.