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Bar Exam Information & Study Aids: Multistate Resources

Resources to help you study for the bar exam, including links to study guides, sample exams, and practical information on applying to take the exam.  

Multistate Materials

The National Conference of Bar Examiners is the non-profit corporation that develops and prepares the Multistate sections of bar examinations. The four multistate exams include the MBE, MPT, MPRE, and MEE. Their web site contains information on each test and study aids. Many states are using at least one of the multistate exams from the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

That organization offers the following exams: 

Multistate Bar Exam

  • The Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) is a six-hour, two-hundred question multiple-choice examination covering contracts, torts, constitutional law, criminal law, evidence, and real property. 
  • An applicant's score on the MBE consists of the raw score (the number of correctly answered questions) plus some standard addition of points (generally between 10 and 20) added by the NCBE to maintain a steady average range score from test to test. The final score is referred to as a "scaled" score, which typically averages around 135 to 140. 
  • Because the MBE is a national exam used in most jurisdictions, many, but not all, jurisdictions allow bar applicants to use MBE scores obtained in prior years and/or scores from MBEs administered as part of the bar exams of other states.
MBE (or purchase)

Multistate Essay Exam

  • The Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) is a collection of 30-minute essay questions and is administered by participating jurisdictions on the Tuesday before the last Wednesday in February and July of each year. The MEE offers nine questions per examination, with most jurisdictions selecting six questions from the nine. 
  • The MEE tests the applicant's knowledge in the areas of business organizations, conflicts of laws, commercial transactions, family law, civil procedure, and trusts and estates.
  • In recent years the exam consisted of of six 30-minute essay questions
  • It is fashioned like a national examination but graded by state bar examiners.
MEE (or purchase)

Multistate Performance Test

  • The MPT consists of two 90-minute skills questions covering legal analysis, fact analysis, problem solving, resolution of ethical dilemmas, organization and management of a lawyering task, and communication
MPT (or purchase)

Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam

  • The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) is a sixty question, two-hour and five minute, multiple-choice examination administered three times each year
  • Designed to test the applicant's knowledge of professional responsibility and ethics, particularly the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct
  • The MPRE score consists of a raw score (the number of correct answers) plus a standardizing "scale" factor to account for the relative difficulty of the particular test. Most jurisdictions require a scaled score of 75 or better
MPRE (or purchase)
Uniform Bar Examination
  • The Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) is a high quality, uniform battery of tests that are administered contemporaneously in every other jurisdiction that has adopted the UBE.
  • It consists of the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), the Multistate Performance Test (MPT), and the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE).